Moving... Moving On... Moving On up!

Welcome to JM Entertainment's first official blog post!


Most of our time this week has been devoted to moving all the gear from the studio & all the barrels from my mom's former spot in Fort Mitchell to the new warehouse in the great city of Ludlow, KY.  

It's been a memorable week. As my mother moves out of the spot where she started and operated the printing business with my father over 35 years ago, I recall some fond memories, like when I spent sick days in the back kitchen area or had sleepovers there when the power would go out at the house.

The print shop has been around as long as I have and, surprisingly, when my brother asked me how I felt about the move, I told him I wouldn't have much trouble letting go of the place. In fact, when I left my full-time job there in 2014 I knew I was mature enough to pursue JM Entertainment as a career. Still, I'm thankful for the flexibility my family and their business was able to give me because I know it was monumental in growing my own business to where it is today.

Moving On...

This week marks 3 years since we laid my dad to rest.  I'm not "moving on" when it comes to my father's memory, but instead of mourning his loss, I am choosing to celebrate his memory now. He passed shortly before I went full-time, but I know how proud he would have been if he could see how far I've come since leaving the print shop. 

Moving On Up!

So about that warehouse we keep talking about...

In the lovely city of Ludlow, all our A/V gear, as well as our rentable bourbon barrels now reside in a warehouse shared by some beautiful classic cars, a collection of arcade games, and last but not least, a pool table! (I suddenly feel as though I'm going to be "working" there a lot more than usual. ha ha!)

Seriously though, It will be very nice to just drive in, load up & drive right out to wherever our events might be on any given day! We also have a loading dock where any commercial trucks can come pick up our rentable items to make it that much easier!

At JM Entertainment, we can't wait to see what else might be in store for us thanks to this new location!